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Gehringer roofing

The Gehringer Corporation is a full-service roofing contractor serving the Lehigh Valley since 1984.

Your One-Stop Shop

Whether it is new construction, reroofing, or damage that needs to be repaired, we can handle it for you. As a family owned business for over 35 years, when you call us regarding your roof, we take it on as if it were our own. Here at The Gehringer Corporation we do not take short cuts and believe the best path is through getting the job done right the first time. Our variety of services allow us to access any need of your roof, so call us to get the job done right.

New Construction

A new construction roof implies that there is no tear-off and no preexisting roofing system on the building. Planning your new construction is a difficult, long, thought-out process that is filled with stressful situations and decisions. However, with us, you can put your worries to rest. As a new business owner you should be focusing on the core of your business, while putting what protects it into our hands. Together we will find a system that best fits you; your plans, your design, your timing, and your budget.


Reroofing requires a preexisting roof to be torn off as it has unrepairable weathering and damage, followed by the application of a new roof. With over three decades of experience trust us to get your new roof on properly and productively. We will work with you to find the most effective and efficient solution to maximize your business’ potential. Being certified with multiple manufacturers allows our customers to choose between a variety of products and we will aid you in your choice to make sure you are getting the most out of your new roof.

Damage and Repairs

As weathering worsens roofs are prone to leaks, and when leaks arise, instead of waiting, call us. We understand that what is inside of your building needs to be protected, therefore, leaks and damages need to be repaired promptly. Our years of expertise can assure that we will find the leak quickly and address the problem to stop any current leaks as well as prevent them from arising. We also offer preventative maintenance to keep up on roofs before leaks occur. Put your roof in our hands today to avoid larger repairs tomorrow.

Why Choose US


Providing superior customer service for initial contact through project completion.


Providing the best in industry product.


Prioritizing safety in not only our workplace, but yours too.


Earning customer trust though our words and actions.
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The Gehringer Corporation is a full-service roofing contractor serving the Lehigh Valley since 1984.

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